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April 24 Black and Orange: Late Night Fare in Washington, D.C.

Black and Orange is the place to go near Residences on the Avenue for a great tasting, no-frills hamburger. Here, the burgers are sizable, and come in quarter and half pound portions, with a number of amazing mix-ins and toppings that are sure to please! Choose the garlic, sun dried tomato, and basil Ciao Down Burger, or go for the black truffle, oil, and thyme concoction called Pardon My French. All the burgers are amazingly delicious, and quirkily named. Yes, these burgers are a little pricier than your standard fast food fare, but they’re well worth it, and taste phenomenal. Each burger is hand crafted, and prepared with bold flavors and gourmet toppings, meant to please diners. Plus, Black and Orange is open late to accommodate late night cravings, perfect for a midnight snack after the bar, or as a quick dinner option for those on the go.

Black and Orange
1300 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 296-2242