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October 15 Fresh Meets Local at Sweetgreen Near Residences on the Avenue

If you’re looking for a fast food alternative near Residences on the Avenue that’s better for both you and the environment, give Sweetgreen a try. Sweetgreen was founded based on the ideal that food should be fresh, local and never made with unknown ingredients or chemicals. The store is built with the same ideals, using reclaimed wood, simple, modern design and sustainable energy practices.

Sweetgreen sources all of the ingredients for its healthy dishes from local farmers and responsible producers, and it even makes a point to use only humanely raised livestock in any meat products. The result is a menu full of fast, healthy options like fresh soups, hearty salads and rice bowls that will keep you feeling full of energy. Sweetgreen also offers a unique frozen yogurt made with live active cultures and a wide variety of toppings.

Sweetgreen is open 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Online ordering is also available for added convenience.

2221 I Street NW
Washington DC 20052
(202) 507-8357