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December 1 Imported, Organic Ingredients Elevate Bon Matcha’s Emerald Lattes

Organic matcha and hand-picked green tea leaves, both imported directly from Japan, set Bon Matcha apart from other eateries jumping on the matcha bandwagon. Something else that distinguishes the new DC eatery restaurant is that it's not really a restaurant at all, but rather a small kitchen nestled behind a walk-up window downtown. The modest size of Bon Matcha and the matching small menu allow its team to focus strictly on their matcha-infused eats, particularly the ice cream.

Grab a cone of soft-serve matcha ice cream swirled with classic vanilla, and you'll understand why this treat has already been Instagrammed by many DC foodies. It's as beautiful as it is sweet. The matcha latte, served both hot and iced, probably comes in second in terms of being photogenic. It features stunning layers of ivory milk melting into an earthy green tone on top. The matcha limeade also wows with its refreshing flavors and strata of light green and dark emerald liquids. Enjoy any of the above, a boba tea, or a special seasonal drink (right now it's the Autumn Leaf) at Bon Matcha.