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April 11 Sink Deeper Into Your Practice at Epic Yoga

Anyone who's looking for a way to mix up their current yoga practice will find it at Epic Yoga. The Ballet YOGALates class ensures that. The session incorporates elements of not only yoga, but also ballet and Pilates to create a head-to-toe workout. As you flow through the fitness routine, you'll gain more strength and flexibility, particularly when the teacher enlists the ballet barre or hand weights.

If you want a more relaxing yoga experience, sign up for the Warm Honey Flow. The one-hour class unfolds in a studio heated to about 80 or 85 degrees. The heat allows you to sink slowly and deeply into each classic yoga posture, moving languidly from one to the next. At the end of the class, melt into your mat for a candlelit savasana before you head back out into the world.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP