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May 9 Build Strength and Zen at Mind the Mat Pilates and Yoga

In 2008, a physical therapist with a passion for Pilates and a massage therapist inspired by the ancient tradition of yoga discovered that the needs of their clientele often overlapped. Clients would come to them complaining of neck pain, backaches, or shoulder tension, unable to find relief with conventional methods. So the dynamic duo decided it was about time that they teamed up and offered their multi-prong approach to wellness in one spot. Mind the Mat Pilates and Yoga was born.

Now 10 years later, Megan (the physical therapist and certified Pilates teacher) and Sara (the massage therapist and registered yoga instructor) have built a team of equally knowledgeable and passionate teachers to support the cause. Mind the Mat offers a lineup of Vinyasa yoga, gentle yoga, and Pilates classes to build stronger bodies, assuage aches and pains, and decrease stress in practitioners.