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July 13 Learn the History of U.S. Currency at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing

Have you ever wondered how the dollars in your wallet were made? The answer awaits at the Bureau of Engraving & Printing (BEP) in Washington, DC. It's one of two working Bureau of Engraving and Printing buildings that are also open to the public for tours. Head to the BEP at 14th and C Streets to watch the process firsthand.

Admission is free every day Monday through Friday, but in order to take the tour during the summer months, you'll have to stop by the ticket booth. Tickets are handed out on a first come, first served basis. Once you have a ticket in hand, the tour begins with an introductory film that walks you through the early stages of designing each bank note. Then you'll actually get to see millions of dollars being printed right before your eyes and explore exhibits that shed more light on the history of currency in the U.S.