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March 1 Small Movements Make a Big Impact at Barre3

If you believe that you need to do strenuous exercise to see results, think again. At Barre3, a barre studio, you’ll get a full-body workout through low-impact movements done in a three-step sequence. First, hold and align your body. Next, add on small one-inch movements designed, as Barre3’s website says, “to transform the body one inch at a time.” Finally, move into large, dynamic movements to elevate your heart rate.

Barre3’s approach combines principles of ballet barre, yoga and pilates, and the idea behind it is balance. Unlike yoga studios, you won’t find a variety of different types of classes on the schedule. Barre3 has just one standard class, but there could be variations depending on the instructor. If you’re new to Barre3, you can opt for two weeks of unlimited classes for $49. If you can’t get to the studio, though, you can stream Barre3’s more than 500 online workouts. The first 15 days are free, and it’s $29 per month after that.