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June 12 Expect Coffee, Cocktails and More at Slipstream

A slipstream is “the area of reduced resistance behind a moving object and Slipstream aims to be that same “smooth path” to coffee and cocktails in a comfortable, relaxing environment. The team writes, “As we refined our idea of what a “new level of service” really meant, we realized that the dialog of a great bartender translates perfectly to what is missing in coffee.” And Slipstream tries to close that gap by providing the space to know just what’s coming to you when you order a coffee or cocktail. 

Slipstream works hard to make that seamless experience extend beyond their coffee and cocktail selections into their “provisions” offerings as well. Whether you’re looking for sandwiches and other food items to baked goods and even pantry staples for your apartment in the DMV area, you can order countless items ready to go. 

The market and pantry selections are a particular standout at Slipstream. You need to eat breakfast (and likely need that morning coffee), so why not pick up a bag of flour or a dozen eggs for your baking adventures later in the day? You really can’t find a process that’s smoother than that.