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July 31 Where to Go Grocery Shopping Near Residences on the Avenue: Trader Joe’s in Foggy Bottom

There’s no getting around it: Everyone has to go grocery shopping at least occasionally, so you might as well enjoy the store where you shop, right? That’s the reasoning that guides the folks at Trader Joes, anyway, and the Foggy Bottom location is no different from the rest of the chain in that regard.

This store strives to offer cheerful customer service while stocking only the items that customers keep buying. Trader Joe’s is also well known for the quality of its produce and unique prepared foods bar, which offers dishes like Thai shrimp gyoza and panko-breaded tilapia. You’ll also find fresh-baked bread, a large selection of artisan cheese and meats, and a natural foods section.

Make note, Residences on the Avenue: This particular Trader Joe’s can get crowded right after work hours, so try to plan your visit accordingly.

Trader Joe’s
1101 25th Street Northwest
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 296-1921