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September 9 Watergate Barber: Friendly, Professional Barbers Near Residences on the Avenue

Many people don’t realize just how much skill is needed by a barber, but think about it: there’s very little room for error with short, men’s cuts, and so a barber has to complete every trim with the utmost precision and exactness. Still not convinced, Residences on the Avenue? Well, just ask the regular patrons of DC’s Watergate Barber.

Yelp reviewers say the barbers here are detail-oriented and really listen when customers describe the look they’re going for. If you bring in photographs of a look you like, your barber will be happy to replicate it for you, and will meticulously shape the cut to your specifications. Do note, however, that thanks to the high quality of Watergate cuts, this place is popular. So instead of trying to swing by on your lunch break, be sure to call ahead and guarantee your appointment!

Watergate Barber
2536 Virginia Ave NW
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 333-0145