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July 21 Make Your Voice Heard at the CNN Politics Campaign 2016 “Like, Share, Elect” Exhibit at the Newseum

No matter which side of the political spectrum your views fall on, you can learn all their is to know about this year's presidential election at the CNN Politics Campaign 2016 "Like, Share, Elect" exhibit at the Newseum. This interactive exhibit shows visitors what's going on in the 2016 election as things happen in real time, giving you a complete understanding of the ways that digital media has transformed our country's political coverage.

The "Like, Share, Elect" exhibit is a completely immersive experience. It shows how journalists cover elections in modern day, how the public interacts with their favorite (and least favorite) candidates, and how social media is used in political processes. If you want a more complete understanding of modern American politics, you won't want to miss this incredible event.