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August 28 Enjoy a Vigorous Flow at CorePower Yoga

If you equate yoga to simple meditation, then you've clearly never been to a class at CorePower Yoga. This yoga studio pumps up the practice in a way that challenges even the seasoned athlete and builds major strength. Its signature style of fast-flowing Vinyasa yoga is held in heated rooms to promote maximum effects.

The heat helps to make your muscles more malleable, which allows you to push your body further in terms of flexibility, and it may also help to oust extra toxins as you sweat more than you would normally. While the beginner-friendly C1 class is held in an unheated room, C1.5, C2, and C3 all unfold in studios heated up to around 95 or 98 degrees. So when you're looking for a challenge, sign up for one of these heated classes at the nearby Georgetown studio. You can also opt for a specialty class like Yoga Sculpt, which adds elements of traditional strength-training, or CoreRestore, a stretching class with a focus on relaxation.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP