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October 27 Broaden Your Cultural Horizons at the Glenstone Museum, Located Just Moments From Your Washington DC Apartment

For those who aren’t fans of the traditional art museum, it might be difficult to imagine yourself enjoying one, even if it’s just a short drive from your apartment in downtown Washington DC. Still, the Glenstone Museum may change your mind. 

Incorporating more conventional indoor exhibitions with artwork showcased outdoors, the Glenstone Museum combines the appeal of visual art forms with the beauty of nature and architecture. With nearly 300 acres of land to explore in addition to the artwork itself, the museum offers more than somewhere to consider a painting or sculpture. with meadows, paths, and forestry as well as sculptures, the grounds showcase the museum’s commitment to sustainability with its organic landscaping and reforestation efforts, highlighting species appropriate to the area and natural ecosystems. 

The architecture at Glenstone, too, is just as important to the visitor experience as the art or natural aspects. The gallery itself (designed by Charles Gwathmey), as well as the museum’s patio and pavilions, are designed to enhance the visual experience that makes Glenstone so uniquely enthralling. 

Of course you can visit the Glenstone Museum for its artwork. But, even if an art museum isn’t something you’d normally enjoy, it’s worth giving this one a chance.