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January 13 Green Almond Pantry Will Give Your West End Apartment DC Kitchen the Night Off

There is hardly a more beautiful sight than a refrigerator full of premade dishes from Green Almond Pantry. This specialty food purveyor creates the kind of food you want to be eating right now, and makes it easy for you to stock your fridge in your downtown Washington DC apartment with high-quality, delicious dishes. 

Due to the pandemic, Green Almond Pantry has shortened their hours of operation to Thursday through Saturday only for preorder with curbside pick-up. This is your chance to treat Green Almond Pantry like the grocery store of your dreams, and order dips, snacks, and full entrees to eat all week long. Try the fingerling sweet potato focaccia, butternut squash tart, and spicy romesco salad this week, along with eggplant dip, apple olive oil cake, and red lentil balls. You can add a few pantry staples like pasta, Italian soda, and balsamic vinegar onto your order, and presto! No need to visit the grocery store for another week. 

Green Almond Pantry is located on Ninth Street NW, just off Logan Circle. Start filling your online cart now, and be sure to take note of the shortened pick-up times.